Hip hop has just been this kind of magical appropriator of all kinds of things, and Tacchini certainly was a part of that. I mean, Tacchini gets name-dropped in a handful of records.
—DJ Stretch Armstrong

With the rise of hip hop in the 1980s came a new trend in street fashion. East coast inner-city youth looked to local street hustlers who flexed their status through luxury brands and high-end sportswear. Rappers like Rakim, Biggie Smalls, and LL Cool J were dipped head-to-toe in Sergio Tacchini, while the Wu Tang Clan, Pusha T, Nas, Jay-Z, and countless others laced the brand throughout their lyrics.

We recently invited legendary New York DJs Clark Kent and Stretch Armstrong to spin iconic records from hip hop’s golden age as part of a special-edition Tacchini TV Instagram Live.

In case you missed it, we compiled a playlist inspired by Clark & Stretch’s set featuring tracks that nod to Tacchini in their lyrics. Check it out in our latest Shout-Out Mixtape Volume 3, below.

God’s Favorite DJ Clark Kent—recently featured in our new Camporese Tracksuit—has produced the likes of Jay-Z and the late Biggie Smalls, and is hip hop's sneaker king of 30+ years.

DJ Stretch Armstrong changed the 90s hip hop game as co-host of “The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show”—which showcased then-unsigned talent such as the Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun, and countless others. An avid tennis player himself, Stretch was recently featured in our latest Dallas Velour Track Jacket.

Watch our exclusive interview with the infamous DJ-duo here.