Dads come in so many various shapes and sizes, but always loom so large in our life, from teaching us how to ride a bike and drive a car to offering us advice when we need it most. Whoever and however you are honoring this Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a playlist of songs that celebrates what it means to be a dad. Yes, he may look different from family to family, some bonds made by blood and others by choice and affection, but the common thread is our love.

From Will Smith telling his son I loved you more than life itself to Tupac Shakur worrying about a difficult world and whether my child [will] get to feel love, artists show us the many complexities of fatherhood. And, like everything, there are ups and downs. Stevie Wonder asks Isn’t she lovelyIsn’t she wonderful? while Nas reflects on the reality that so many kids I knew, never knew who pop was. That's why I show my pop love

And so, just like that, no matter what the idea of pop looks like to you, today, we say and show you all our love.